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Leftover Easter Eggs Makeover

Now you have all these leftover Easter eggs at your house and it’s more than what you wanted to eat for the next couple of days. So, here’s a few tips to style up the hard boiled eggs and bring it to work.  I find it that is the easiest way to clear out the food in your house without having to host a party.


You don’t even have to make devils eggs which take extra few steps to do. Just cut the hard boiled eggs in half and add whatever toppings you desire or have in your fridge.

I layered some cheese cut into triangle shape and sprinkle with some chili powder & curry powder. Second was the leftover shredded carrots and peas from the snack for kid and top off with a few drops of sriracha sauce. Third egg was just olives ring and a slice of grape.

This recipe is super easy and everyone can do it!  You can add bacon toppings, smoked salmon, chunky tomato salsa, or steak if you want it to be a fancier hors d’oeuvres at your next house party.

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