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Fruits and Vegetables

"A positive relationship with food is the  foundation of a healthy mind and body"

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Meet Tok-Hui

Hello and welcome to Kinder Nutrition. I'm Tok-Hui (pronounced: Took Who-ui), a mom, foodie, author, and pediatric nutrition specialist. I've been a registered dietitian for over 17 years and for the last 12 years have worked with children and families to improve their health with practical approach in different aspect of evidenced based nutrition therapy. I enjoy working with families to provide tools and resources for raising happy and mindful eaters.


My food philosophies are  "All food fits in moderation" along with "Healthy at Every Size".

Just remember, you are not alone in this journey. Parenting is hard enough as it is. I strive to be the guide for you and your child to discover the joy of eating, building a positive relationship with food and lessen meal time struggles together.

Pavlova Meringue

Nutrition Counseling

Providing nutrition services entirely online via our secure client portal. Limited in home visits available within Eugene/Springfield area.