Picky Eating Resources for Children

Updated: Mar 24

It’s been awhile since the last I wrote as life has been busy the last two years. None the less, I’m also very excited to share this piece of webinar that I co-host at work via Peace Health healthy eating series to discussed the issue about picky eating that many parents has to endure throughout the world.

Just remember that it takes time (months to years) and consistency to help you get to the results you wanted. I hope that there’s a few tips from the webinar that you can use at home to reduce the power struggle during meal time with your little ones. Picky eating is challenging but we can always find ways to improve in order to achieve positive outcome.

Webinar handouts and resources

  1. Presentation slides

  2. Overview handout, including 6 strategies, picky-free parenting tips, creative ways to not to say “take a bite” and reading/resource list

  3. Are you hungry scale

  4. Picky versus Problem worksheet

  5. Food chaining recipes (chicken parmesan and potato salad)

  6. Feeding picky preschoolers

You can also go to Peace Health website directly to view the recorded webinar as well.


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